I just wanted to say thank-you for your fantastic presentation today. The children were enthusiastic about and engaged in making their lizard creations and can hardly wait to take their lizards home. Your focus on patterns was great as it supported earlier concepts we had explored. The idea of scaffolding and extending their knowledge about spiders to include their natural lizard predators was also a great way to capture the children’s interest. I learnt something, too, as I am not really familiar with the works of Gaudi – but they are beautiful. You synopsis of the experience was also a great way to communicate with the parents. Thanks also to your able assistant, Sophie.
Rhonda Murphy – (Kindergarten Teacher – Lady Gowrie Community Kindergarten, Cannon Hill)


Thank you for all of your help in making Lucy & Emily’s birthday party last Sunday such a success. You certainly had the girls captivated and Lucy & Emily loved it.  Thank you again.  See you at the next holiday workshops!

Michelle (Mum of Lucy and Emily, 8 years)


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for a fabulous birthday party on Saturday!  Imogen had the best time with her friends learning all about art!  All the girls are still talking about you and what they learnt and have been busy applying their newly learnt skills.  What a wonderful afternoon it was 🙂

Rebecca (Mum of Imogen 8 years)


This week our Kindy groups thoroughly enjoyed their Tiny Art Workshops.
As one group explored the work of Van Gogh and his famous ‘Sunflowers’ and the other group created their quirky robots, different and effective painting and collage techniques were incorporated. Deb and Chris really engaged the children from the outset, were incredibly well organised and have left us investigating other exciting ways to explore these topics. Everyone proudly went home with their own and very unique canvas.
Thank you Deb and Chris, we look forward to your next visit.

Kerry Lucy (Director – Tingalpa & District Kindergarten)


We LOVE Tiny Art and Deb! Tiny Art has been coming to Puss in Boots for almost two years and the momentum has not slowed. Deb has a loyal following and the children adore her. Tiny Art teaches children different types of art skills and gives them confidence to explore their creativity in a safe and secure environment.
Our Educators also benefit from watching and participating in the class as they can extend on what is being explored and link it to other areas of teaching.

Jasmine Graham (Director – Puss In Boots Early Learning Centre, Morningside)


Tiny Art was extremely professional. They tailored the workshop to fit with the theme of rocket ships that we were teaching the children, and we all learnt lots of wonderful art techniques, looked at different artworks, and the children had lots of fun creating. All children stayed engaged throughout the entire workshop and both the teachers and children were given creative ideas to extend on the experience.
We will definitely be getting Tiny Art out to create with us again!

Leanne Cameron (Kindergarten Teacher – Lady Gowrie Community Kindergarten, Cannon Hill)


Charlotte has been attending Tiny Art Classes for nearly 2 years. She enjoys the diversity of activities and has learned so much about different artists and styles. She has made lovely friends and her increased skill level has made her approach her school art classes with confidence.

Sandra (Mum of Charlotte 9).


Yara my daughter just loves Tiny Art because she gets to work on mini projects, using different material and methods every time! Deb is a wonderful art teacher, getting all the kids enthusiastic and helps them to open up their creative mind. Classes are well prepared with all the material there. After more then a year, we are amazed on how much inspiration Deb has.

Isabel (Mum of Yara, 8)


My children both love going to Tiny Art workshops. Deb’s classes have instruction, structure and yet give the children plenty of freedom to be creative. Art supplies are always plentiful and ideas are nurtured and encouraged. My girls have produced some of their best and most interesting works of art in Deb’s classes.

Emily (Mum of Ellie 9 & Lisa 6)


My son and I love our weekly art workshop. Each week is different, using clay, pastels, paint and collage. Deb always introduces the workshop with a painter or photos of what we are going to do and often there is music while we paint too. Frankie has learnt so much about the world and how to portray it in a fun, constructive way. I love to watch him painting with his eyes closed whilst listening to the music!

Emma (Mum of Frankie, 4)


Tiny Art has truly been our number one activity since we joined the classes. It is wonderful how Deb introduces different painting tools to the little ones and shows them different techniques how to use them. It is great fun; never boring and we always come home with another wonderful masterpiece to show off to relatives and friends.

Melanie (Mum of Luisa 5 & Isla 3)


Tiny Art is a great outlet for my creative 8 year old. She gets to create fabulous artworks whilst developing an understanding that art has many facets and can be an ongoing process. Deb gives the kids much more food for thought and interesting projects that they think about and develop over time. It is great. My husband said “we need to frame this one” – when my daughter brought home the latest piece of artwork.

Mardi (Mum of Mikaela 8)


Tiny Art tailored a Professional Development session to suit our school’s theme for the year for our teaching staff.  The session was very informative as it linked artists and artworks to our theme and involved staff discovering and experimenting with interesting watercolour painting techniques in which we worked individually and collaboratively.  It was a very enjoyable, fun and relaxing session and left staff feeling capable and confident with ideas they can implement within their own classroom.  We would certainly recommend Tiny Art to other schools who are looking for a team building experience and inspiration for their staff with renewed confidence in the visual arts for both themselves and the children they teach.

Paul Blinkhoff (Principal St Oliver Plunkett Primary School – Cannon Hill)


Literally every week we count down the sleeps to the next art class. My daughter gets so much joy out of these classes and exploring her creative side. As a parent there is nothing better than a well crafted curriculum, delivered to engage the class and your child is learning more and more every week. Thanks Deb.

Rae (Mum of Maddy 6)


The children were highly engaged and interested due to the presentation being relevant to their developmental levels and to their recent investigations into butterflies, insects and lifecycles.   I really liked the way in which their work was built upon in layers.  This technique sustained children’s interest as well as adding an element of surprise about how their finished artwork would emerge.  Because they were so proud, the children could hardly wait to share the finished artwork with their parents!  We always love having Tiny Art come to visit, because the presentations are always relevant to the children and of such high quality.

Rhonda Murphy – (Kindergarten Teacher – Lady Gowrie Community Kindergarten, Cannon Hill)


My girls absolutely LOVE coming to Tiny Art. They get to explore so many different textures and colours and with expert guidance from Deb and apply this to a different theme each week. They love getting messy with paint and glitter all over their hands… I love that they come out of the class squeaky clean! I also really appreciate how relaxed, approachable and fun Deb is whilst maintaining professionalism both in and out of the class. Her communication detailing class details, reminders, changes, holidays etc is crystal clear which is a BIG help to any busy parent trying to keep track of all the kids activities’.

Charisse (Mum of Isabella, 5)


Thanks so much for Michelle’s professionalism and expertise running our son’s art party. The children loved their creations and I was very impressed with Michelle’s management and approach.

Ellen (Mum of Sam, 5)


Tiny Art is a wonderful creative outlet for small people. My daughter has so much fun participating in all of Deb’s amazing projects and is so proud of her masterpieces when she brings them home. I’d recommend Tiny Art to anyone looking for an activity that will help their child grow and blossom in a fun learning environment’.

Jo (Mum of Gabi, 3)

My two sons have done a range of Tiny Art holiday and Saturday workshops. They both really love all the classes and Deb keeps them busy for the whole time with plenty of different activities to do. Deb is always organised and has everything out and ready so the kids can get stuck straight into it. They have learnt a lot about proper artistic techniques and I am amazed at the quality of work they can produce in such a short time. I always get positive comments when I wear the jewellery they made in the jewellery workshop, and there are now lots of great artworks around our house that have come from the workshops with Deb

Cindy (Mum of Daniel, 9 and Kieran, 7)


I would like to thank Tiny Art for the very professional way they conducted the art party for my daughter and her 12 friends. The girls were absolutely captivated for 1 1/2 hours and were so proud of the butterfly gardens that they took home. A huge success. Thanks again.

Fiona (Mum of Zoe, 6)