6 ideas to store your children’s artwork

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Drowning in your kid’s artwork?  6 ideas of how to store it

If you are, like me, inundated with many an artwork from your kids and not quite sure what to do with them, then this is for you.  Show your kids that you value their creativity by using some of these thoughtful ideas.

1)   Display your child’s creations – frame the favourites – both yours and theirs.  Have a dedicated ‘art’ frame that can be rotated once a week/fortnight/month with the new favourite.  If you have more than one child have a frame for each of them.

2)   Display artworks on the fridge.  This keeps the room bright and cheerful and adds to conversation in the household.  Will also be a talking point for visitors and guests.

3)   Save some artworks as keepsakes  Put them in a display folder or scrapbook.  Write down the child’s age and their description of each artwork.  Do this activity together once a month and share the task of glueing, taping – this in itself is a fun activity to share.

4)   Share some artworks with family and friends.  Have your child choose whom they would like to give them to, save them for birthday or christmas gifts.

5)   Be functional – Use some artworks as a birthday card, or wrapping paper for a family member or a child’s friend’s birthday.  This is thoughtful and original.

6)   Take photos of your children’s artworks and display them in an ‘art photo album’, this way if an artwork is damaged you managed to take a picture when it was in one piece.  This can work really well when your child has constructed a sculptural box or Lego piece.  Capture it forever before it is crushed or fallen over.


These are just some examples of how to store your children’s artwork – I would love to know what you do and what works of your family.  Feel free to comment and share your ideas.

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