Full Steam Ahead Classes

What is STEAM?

Want to equip your kids with the skills they need for the jobs of the future? Then hop aboard the STEAM train!

STEAM is the acronym on every educator’s lips these days.


Everyone from software engineers and aerospace technicians to professional mathematicians and laboratory scientists knows that building great things and solving real problems requires a measure of creativity.

For kids not motivated by maths, science, or even technology, art may be the missing creative piece that gives them the spark they need to truly engage.

Our Full STEAM Ahead Classes:

  • Suit ages 7-12
  • Combine art and STEM subjects to promote synthesis, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration.
  • Encourage exploration, experimentation and invention.
  • Inspire and give kids the opportunity to be the innovators of tomorrow…today!

Sample classes include:
– Creative Constellations (Science, Technology, Art)
– Radial Symmetry (Maths, Art)
– Paper Circuits & LED Artwork (Technology, Engineering and Art)
– Building Challenges (Science, Engineering, Maths, Art)
– Nature Mandalas (Technology, Maths, Art)

When, where and how much?

Classes operate on:
Tuesdays: 3.30-5:00pm
Classes are held under Block B at Morningside State School, 67 Pashen Street, Morningside.
Classes are priced per block of classes, and depending on the current project, our block length of classes can vary, but equate to $32.00 per lesson.

Tiny Art groups children of similar ages together for age-appropriate stimulation, socialisation and fun. But we know all kids are different. So if your child wants to attend a different class, or there are siblings/friends who want to attend together, we’re flexible.

Upcoming Steam Classes

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