Mandala art lesson for kids

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Mandala art lesson for kids This week Tiny Artists looked at Mandalas which are special circle pictures which stand for peace, they are meant to be relaxing to create and when you look at them in your home you should feel happy and relaxed.  Most importantly it is a circle shape that is filled with different types of patterns – …

Plasticine Superheroes & Villains

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Love, Love, Love Plasticine at the moment.  It can be such a fun medium to manipulate into pretty much anything.  We had a ball today making our superheroes come to life.  It can be quite fiddly but everyone enjoyed the process and especially loved the end results.  For more photos check out TINY ART on facebook.

Snail Art Lesson

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Snail art lesson This week Tiny Artists looked at the Tiny Art snail logo and how they could re-create it to include a new design (pattern) in the shell of the snail and the background.  First they looked at snail photographs and we discussed the patterns we could see on the shells such as swirly lines and straight lines, zigzags …

Tiny Art Colouring Competition

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Tiny Art Colouring Competition Competition in full swing…. off we go, my son and his friends at Daycare had a fantastically fun class today creating their snail characters.  We rubbed and blended chalk pastel, created lots of different patterns by using different types of lines, shapes and colours and painted the background using texture stamps.  Pretty clever designs for 3 …

Tiny Art Heroes & Villains character

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Tiny Art Heroes and Villains: 6+ Classes had a fun, fun time designing their cartoon character.  They had to choose whether their character was to be a hero or villain and decide on a profile for them – including a special power.  There were all sorts of great ideas – one character turns everything to cheese:)   We then decided …

Year of The Snake Art Lesson

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Year of the Snake Art Lesson Wow, what fantastic week of lessons for 2-5’s. Tiny Artists discussed Chinese New Year – which is a time for celebrating the Lunar New Year and 2013 is year of the snake – wisdom and gracefulness.  Tiny artists looked at real photographs and artworks of snakes.  We looked at how one artwork in particular …

Win with Tiny Art

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Win with Tiny Art: Colouring Competition We have had  a few more creative entries for our colouring comp which is ending this Friday the 8th.  Check out these entries from Yara and Lisa.  For more photos follow us on facebook and for those details on the colouring competition read the details below.   Tiny Art needs your Tiny Artist’s creative …