School Workshops

Workshops for all primary school kids

Save your school time, money and stress with Tiny Art’s primary school workshops.

Developed by practising artist and qualified art teacher, Deb Bryant, they closely align with The Australian Art Curriculum Foundation to Year 10 and help students have fun while developing fine motor skills, enhancing critical thinking and increasing self-esteem.

They are comprehensive, customisable and can be tailored to suit different time frames, budgets and learning objectives.

Download our School Workshops Flyer to view our extensive list of workshop projects or contact or 0421 844 508 to discuss your individual requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Tiny Art Team will arrive approximately 20-30 minutes before the workshop start time to set up.
  • Once we have set up, we ask that children be gathered in an area where you can introduce us to them.
  • The workshops will commence and we’ll invite teachers to join us in the workshops, assist with putting aprons on children, and remind them to listen if needed throughout the workshop.
  • During the workshop we will need your assistance in naming children’s artworks and handing out materials.
  • Due to the nature of the workshops, we may go a little under or over time depending on a number of factors. We do, however, try our very best to keep to the time allocated as we know that you also work to a schedule.
  • At the end of the workshop we ask that you assist us in taking the children’s aprons off. You may also like to direct children to further wash up in the bathroom.
  • The Tiny Art Team will then pack up equipment and materials as quickly and quietly as possible.
  • We will ask that you assist us in storing the children’s artworks for safekeeping.
  • Please note: the Tiny Art Team will take photographs during the workshop (with prior permission). These photographs will only be used for your centre, unless you have filled in a consent form for Tiny Art to use the photographs in our marketing materials (form will provided upon booking). We welcome you to photograph the workshops for your own documentation. We will also give you pamphlets to forward to parents and your fundraising committee.
  • At Tiny Art we supply all materials, aprons and supplies – all you need to do is brief the children prior to our arrival so they are engaged and ready to participate when we arrive. Please have tables and chairs set up and if workshops are to take place outdoors we require shade or a covered area.
  • Access to a sink or hose.
  • Although most of our materials are water based they may still stain carpet. Should you have carpeted floors, please cover them with plastic sheets, or ask us to bring ours on the day. It would also be helpful to ask parents to ensure children are wearing old clothes.
  • Access/parking of our vehicle to ensure the ease of moving in our art materials and equipment.
  • Teachers to help hand out materials and equipment and assist students when needed during the activity.
  • After confirmation of dates for your workshop, Tiny Art will send an invoice and payment details. Payment is to be made within 7 days after the workshop has taken place. Refer to Terms and Conditions for more details. Please note this is a GST free activity as projects are linked with current educational curriculum.
  • Yes, please ask us for a copy of our risk assessment on booking confirmation. Tiny Art is insured for $20,000,000.
  • Yes, we would love for interested parents to watch and help out on the day. We are very supportive of parents being involved in their children’s learning with Tiny Art so they can build on this learning at home. Please notify us prior to the workshop if there is anyone who would like to assist on the day, as this will give us an idea of tasks we can allocate (max 2 parents please due to space restrictions).
  • Why not use the children’s artworks to create an art exhibition to fundraise for your Kindy? Transform your Centre into a beautiful display of children’s art and creations made with Tiny Art. It could be a great fundraising event for the Centre and a wonderful opportunity for families and the community to meet over art. We can help with framing, exhibiting, display and other suggestions – contact us to discuss further.
  • Yes, all the art materials Tiny Art use in their workshops are non-toxic.
  • Major tasks involving cutting or sticking will be done by the Tiny Art Team and reinforced by staff members
  • If children have specific requirements or needs please discuss these with us so we can plan our workshops accordingly.
  • Payment to be made within 7 days of workshop date (invoice will be given to you on the day of the workshop).
  • We will re confirm numbers, the date, and answer any other queries either via email or phone one or two days prior to the scheduled workshop.
  • If you need to cancel your workshop booking for any reason please notify us ASAP to reschedule.
  • If you cancel a booking without rescheduling you will charged a cancellation fee of $60 to cover our materials order and preparation costs.
  • The duration of Tiny Art workshop may vary slightly due to abilities of children attending the workshop.
  • For art workshop bookings made outside the Brisbane area, a travelling fee will apply. Contact for more details.
  • Tiny Art is not liable for any damage to persons or property as a result of an art workshop.
  • We use non-toxic art materials, however if a child suffers an adverse reaction to materials, we are not liable.
  • Tiny Art are not liable for any personal injuries that result from the misuse of materials provided.
  • Art workshops are to commence at the time arranged. The workshop will start at this time despite latecomers Please note that we usually have other bookings scheduled on the day and have to be on time to get to each destination.
  • Tiny Art tailored a Professional Development session to suit our school’s theme for the year for our teaching staff. The session was very informative as it linked artists and artworks to our theme and involved staff discovering and experimenting with interesting watercolour painting techniques in which we worked individually and collaboratively. It was a very enjoyable, fun and relaxing session and left staff feeling capable and confident with ideas they can implement within their own classroom. We would certainly recommend Tiny Art to other schools who are looking for a team building experience and inspiration for their staff with renewed confidence in the visual arts for both themselves and the children they teach.Paul Blinkhoff (Principal St Oliver Plunkett Primary School – Cannon Hill)
  • Deb has engaged every student and teacher at our school by carefully planning and delivering quality fine art lessons to ever class Prep to Year 6. The teachers, staff and students have a deeper understanding of art history, art elements, art techniques and control of artistic media. Thank you Deb! Your vibrancy and passion for art is clearly evident in your engaging lessons.Samantha Lovegrove, Deputy Principal, Morningside State School