The 5 senses Art Lesson – Sound

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The 5 Senses Art Lesson – Sound

During the next 5 weeks we are investigating the ‘5 Senses’.  The children really seemed excited by this!  Today we looked closely at ‘Sound’.  We spoke about all the different sounds we could hear around us and what we liked to listen to.  We created a ‘Rainstick’ which were originally made by the Aztec people out of a hollowed out cactus plant filled with beans and pebbles to sound like the rain (and in hope of creating a rain storm).  We made ours by stuffing a cardboard tube with dried peas and decorated them with oil pastels, paint, stickers, crepe paper, ribbons and feathers.  It was so much fun seeing these come to life.  When they were finished we listened to their gentle sound when rocking them side to side and we also listened to the loud shaking it could create.  We then created straw blown paint pictures where children blew through straws to move and mix the paint around.  This created a light, gentle sound, and they looked great!

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